Robert Mihaere, the owner of, INTUITIV DESIGN
created a children's book universe called Nonnisense. He created the characters, developed their back stories, wrote two books which he also illustrated. He even produced puppets and visited Danish schools presenting Nonnisense to the delight of the kids.

The best kind of nonsense

Nonnisense is all about imagination and adventure. The silly, the ridiculous and the unusual are everyday normal in the lands of Nonnisense. With trees that tickle, Mountains that snore and a moon that is freshly painted each night by the Moonpainters and their companions the Buzzlephants. A wonderful world to let your imagination run free.

The kids love it!

Taking the show on the road, Nonnisense has visited local schools to rave success. The kids are always glad to see Meecehopper and Spikepuss arrive and sad to see them leave.

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